Prix du carbone et Sustainability Leadership Forum


It is official, the price on carbon has been announced and the Government is now out there selling the positives while the Opposition is pitching a different approach. But really, what will all of this mean to business and industry and what are we already doing to address the challenges of climate change? What will the opportunities announced by the Prime Minister mean for some of our key industry sectors, and importantly, what will industries such as those involved in renewable energy and innovation receive? What are the big and current issues around sustainability and what is happening from a business perspective? What will the impacts on some of our major industries be and what could it mean for the supply chain?

The Sydney Sustainability Leadership and Networking Forum being held the afternoon of the 29th of July is the first in the Sustain Groups new series of briefings for executives, Government, business and community organisations with an interest in the sector. Join our panel of experts, Matthew Tukaki (CEO of the Sustain Group and LAN UNGC Representative), John Dee (Founder of Planet Ark), the Hon David Campbell (former Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Small Business) and Victoria Rose (Director of Sustainability at the International Hotel Group). Matthew and David will be focused on the implications of sustainability on the enterprise while David will also provide insights into infrastructure, innovation, energy and transport.

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There will also be some “Soap Box” presentations from CRC Research who will talk briefly about the latest research into the sustainability practices of the Top 200 ASX companies, Dr Michael du Plessis will talk about how you calculate your carbon output to determine your place on or out of the top 500 emitters and then Greenfleet will discuss offsets. It may only be a couple of hours on the afternoon of the 29th, but we are trying to compact as many relevant topics into a time slot where people can attend, learn and network (without having to take the whole day out).