Un plaidoyer pour les citoyens du Monde pour enrayer le changement climatique


A Plea to the World Citizens to Halt Climate Change

Our world is in an emergency and needs the whole humanity to act immediately! Perhaps you are already aware of the ever worsening  health of our precious Planet Earth. The increasing number and severity of disasters caused by climate change has now become a very serious problem on this planet and it concerns everyone living on this planet. Eminent climate change scientists (such as Dr. James E. Hansen of NASA and Professor Stephen H. Schneider of Stanford University) and leaders from around the world have warned that our world is at a very critical crisis point now which requires the whole humanity to take immediate actions to halt and reverse the devastating effects of global warming which is getting worse each day! For the benefits of everyone residing on this planet, the SOS flyers and the Climate Change Challenge 2011 clearly outline the impacts of climate change on our resources, environment, public health as well as the biodiversity and livelihood of our planet. In the Climate Change Challenge 2011, the root cause of climate change identified by eminent climate change scientists and leaders from around the world is clearly explained. Finally, the Climate Change Challenge 2011 wraps up with the approach put forward by the distinguished scientists and leaders to quickly and effectively overcome the devastating effects of climate change. The approach is simple and each one of us can do our part to subdue climate change. Hence, we strongly encourage everyone to read the SOS flyers, the Climate Change Challenge 2011 and take immediate actions to counteract climate change which has been causing deaths and destructive damages to many nations around the globe. For instance, climate change has already caused many parts of the world to submerge under water, and many countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are experiencing severe floods. Similarly, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons have been causing deaths and severe damages to many nations such as America, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Hence, let us please act now to halt climate change to save lives and make our world a pleasant place to live in!

It is our pleasure to attach a copy of the SOS flyers and the Climate Change Challenge 2011 to this e-mail for your perusal. We hope that you will enjoy reading the attached information, and please feel free to share it with your colleagues, friends, and loved ones because this matter greatly concerns every life on this planet. We would also like to cordially invite you to visit http://www.wix.com/pauline_green_jr/world-vegan-and-world-peace#! to find out the critical facts about global warming and watch video clips on the devastating effects of global warming as well as the interviews with the eminent climate scientists and leaders from around the world. Our beautiful and precious planet needs our help urgently now to overcome the climate change crisis. At the same time, we sincerely invite you to visit http://www.crisis2peace.org to learn about the book entitled "From Crisis to Peace – The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer" and sign the petition at http://www.crisis2peace.org/petition.php?b=new& to download that book in PDF. Let us be responsible and let us work together towards a peaceful and harmonious new world! Please share the information with those who might not be aware of the critical state that our beloved planet is in and encourage them to take immediate actions to halt global warming and share the information with other fellow residents of our planet. With your noble actions and others’, we will surely overcome the climate change crisis that is threatening the survival of humanity and we will transform our chaotic world into a peaceful and harmonious new world. Thank you very much for your kind attention and your benevolent and wise actions!

Towards World Vegan and World Peace



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